All the Worthless Fields of the Earth

by Swarms

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released June 1, 2012

Jordi- clean vocals / instruments
Andrew- vocals / lyrics



all rights reserved


Swarms Ontario

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Track Name: Clawing the Fields of Famine
We laid father's bones in the dirt
Let the smoke of our dreams rise over our fields
The last harvest before the collapse
Wormwood burning over the hometowns
We set the heartland on fire
We burned this town down to the sorry earth
Track Name: To Avail The Sovereign Void
Like even here the skies and colors were intertwined
So that even here they would collapse and break
These coasts lead to the south,
Beneath the god who saw us all and laughed
These are your lands-
The buildings along the highway
Spread throughout the last fertile plains

Like bodies falling from where they were dropped
The world becomes a tunnel, we plunge every second
Vision fails and the focus narrows, they hid us under roadways
Profane and desperate
And this is how we return to the earth

Where did you go in the last minutes?
This resistance fails
They descended from the eastern heaven
Like dogs they fed from our insides
We watched them come together,
I watched them destroy you alone

The beating of wings fills this valley with medicines
The hospital toppled in on itself
The froth of the sea ate all our shores
Track Name: Artemis By the Mount
Beauty, come down to the river tonight
Ruin, be fair when you kiss me
Daughter we would hunt
But the trespass must be repaid
Lay me down in my own blood
I threaten none now
Merest, hollow and heavy
Beloved dogs, follow me
Rip this hide from bone
Lay me down in my own blood
Chiron, recall me
Goddess, move in untethered glory
Track Name: Battlefields
The glories of blind eyes
And the radiance of your dead sons
Shuddering beneath the mass of vanity
Bereft of esteem
The withering began inside
Spread to the limbs
Angering the sun
The earth herself
Violence constellates, the swells reach every shore

Destroyed in splendor
And swallowed into mire

Seasons of ruination
Open their bodies and place inside them fire
The smoke seeps through the pores and rot of skin,
Then ascends
A greeting to the daughter
A monument to the weight of emptiness
Track Name: When the Earth Swallows the Blood of Young Men
If I have nothing left then it is only because the witch took everything away when her teeth dug through the skin on my back and through the bone of my spine. She tasted marrow and the froth that was hanging from her lips dropped onto me and I could hear it burning through, like chemicals into dirt. I screamed for one week and went somewhere familiar, but no one knew who I was anymore, they all passed by the filthy, broken man who was curled up into the ground calling their names.
Now into the backwoods, where the trees grow closer and the sky is shut by branches. I took bites of the earth and ate loam until there was a grave before me. I tried to write down the words that I had come to me one time in that dream, but I can’t remember them anymore. I am laying down for the last time and recalling every second spent with people who I hate. The clouds have gotten denser overhead and the sky is shutting down. The promises of the earth are collapsing on their own weight and falling over top of me. I can feel myself looking for your face in the bramble outside this tomb. For stars in the daytime sky. The sparrows sang protests upon your arrival and then went silent. By then I could not move.

I am the fair son of a miserable earth.
Track Name: Horseflesh
If the wolves move towards the deer
And make to rend open its throat
Do we owe it the grace of deliverance?
Does salvation mean their jaws will drip?
If the innocent destroy through health,
Does the hunger in the maw of the beast
Stain like the blood on their hooves?
If each should fall to their own murder
What then does the hunter owe his kill?
Track Name: Forever Flay the Body
My skin has grown coarse and rough over the past months
I have cut my flesh and bruised it, I have left marks on bone
Now I will come under the frozen sky and tread the boards
Whether as a murderer or as the body they find
And there will have been a calm settled in my words
I will speak as the weakest one, continually flayed
Constantly dragged by my legs into death postures
The dreams I had throughout were dark
And they were filled with motions, departing and changing
The stations became home, the static increased
The volumes of white noise spoke their peace to me
So I grew weary and sought the exit, a way out
I moved for love- and when I couldn’t see you,
I found what it takes to destroy

My dear, I fear this sickness may get the better of me
So I will wait for you at the end of the path where the trees clear
As sure as the sun chases shadows west
I will wait, for you
I only hope that you may find me.